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Tech VIP Day Service Agreement and Terms

After the submission of this form another webpage will appear for submission of payment. Payment is final and no refunds will be authorized. 

Investment price: 

Option #1 - $849 paid in full

Option #2 - $899; deposit of $449.50 + 1 payment of $449.50

If selecting option #2, an invoice will be sent immediately afterwards and must be paid before booking the VIP Day (explanation below).


Additional Costs:

ClickUp - a paid for ClickUp account must be established during or prior to the assessment + onboarding session. As of 2023, the least expensive paid for account is $7/month.

MS Teams - Contact your Microsoft rep to ensure you have MS Teams. If you do not already have MS Teams, it will need to be purchased prior to the assessment + onboarding session. All users of the client's MS Teams account will need a company email address OR can be added as a "guest" with limited access by utilizing a personal email address. 

The Leo Process, LLC. will deliver to the client via MS Teams or ClickUp the deliverables listed below during the VIP Day, or as otherwise specified below:

1. Implementation (or optimization) of a particular software/application to build the following:
          a. work-in-progress system - to provide a visual representation of your customers/patients journey,

               making it easier for your teams to manage work, assign resources, and identify bottlenecks
           b. document storage system - to easily and efficiently access important files like SOPs, policies, and templates
           c. task management system - to assign and monitor the progression of tasks, without emailing back-n-forth
           d. incident management system - to track and monitor adverse events
           e. homepage/dashboard - to quickly access everything within your business (ClickUp and MS Teams only)
2. TWO Automated Workflows 
3. TWO Automated Repetitive Tasks (e.g., remind staff to submit timesheets)
4. Standard Operating Procedure documenting how to maintain implementations including 

     automations (delivered w/n 3 days of the Tech VIP Day)
5. FIVE days of email support following the Tech VIP Day 
6. ONE 1-hour live software/app training for specified team members (delivered w/n 7 days of Tech

     VIP Day)
7. ONE 1-hour check-in call w/n 30 days immediately following the Tech VIP Day

The timeline for this session is 2 hours for the assessment + onboarding session PLUS an additional 6-7 hours for the actual VIP Day. After submitting payment for this service, the Client will be directed to book the 2-hour assessment + onboarding session. During this session the Client and The Leo Process, LLC. will agree upon a date for the VIP Day, not to be scheduled further than two weeks out from the assessment + onboarding session
The Leo Process, LLC. offers assessment + onboarding Monday through Thursday and offers VIP Days Tuesday through Thursday.   

Meeting Expectations
Session/meeting attendees are expected to be prepared to answer questions about the company's current usage of technology, existing software, challenges faced, and goals/outcomes for the VIP Day.  the procedure to be captured. During the sessions it is expected that the client limit any distractions to ensure efficiency and optimal productivity.   

Missed Appointment
The client is expected to inform The Leo Process, LLC. via phone or email if the client (or its designee) is unable to make their scheduled appointment.

An assessment + onboarding session may be rescheduled twice, while a VIP Day may be rescheduled once. If applicable, both sessions may only be rescheduled within a 10-business day period, unless otherwise stated by The Leo Process, LLC. 

In the event the client misses a
rescheduled session for any reason the service agreement will be voided and all finished and partially finished work will be sent to the client via email or within the software/application being implemented (or optimized). Under this circumstance, no refunds will be provided for any unfinished work. 

Method of Co
Primarily, The Leo Process, LLC. will communicate with the client via email unless otherwise agreed. 
Sessions will completed virtually via Zoom, unless otherwise agreed. 


HIPAA Compliance

Advises against communicating and sharing HIPAA related information within MS Teams or ClickUp. It is the client's responsibility to know and understand any HIPAA rules and regulations pertaining to their business and how such impacts their ability to utilize the implemented technology. As for MS Teams, certain premium accounts are HIPAA compliant; however, the client is responsible for knowing which one and upgrading to said account, if necessary

Got questions?! us or try booking a free 20-minute discovery call first. 

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