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To put it simply a process includes sequential steps that one must take in order to arrive at a desired output.

Looking to bill for patients (or clients) seen? Ok, what are all the steps that must occur before you can see the patient or before you can bill for them?  Again, sequential steps (inputs) make up a process that help you arrive at the desired output (e.g., seeing clients). 

A process map is a visual representation of what your business (or program) does and who does it.


     Single source of truth pertaining to how the business should operate

     Ability to identify improvement opportunities

     Drives consistency with delivery of service

     Provides a visual instead of a bullet point list

     Serves as an orientation tool 

How it works:
1. Read + Sign Service Agreement (below)
2. Pay Online
3. Schedule virtual onboarding and mapping session   
4. Meet to provide details 

5.  Review draft
6. Meet to finalize + approve process map 
7. Sign-off on work

Price includes ONE (1) Process Map for $412 

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