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get more done in less time while saving money

Who We Are

The Leo Process is a business consulting firm that believes at the heart of every highly profitable business with happy team members and satisfied customers lies effective systems, streamlined processes, and automated workflows.


As curious problem solvers, our focus is to reduce overwhelm within your day-to-day operations and to streamline business processes while ensuring your team has the right tools (e.g., procedure manuals, checklists) to be successful. 

Whether frustrated and overwhelmed with operational and strategic goals or simply ready to challenge the status quo, our clients count on us to structure and organize their business so that they can get more done in less time while saving money!

What We Do

Let us guess, you are excited to start that new business or new program! But, uh, are up at night asking yourself "what will my day-to-day look like?" or, "how will I deliver the service or product to my customers and...who will do it?"

Perhaps you have already opened your doors and started services but things are a bit chaotic.

Let us eliminate the chaos and turn your ideas into action by simplifying + streamlining your day-to-day.

Have you identified a pain point with your current business processes that you need help solving? Perhaps customer satisfaction is low or performance metrics are less than desirable.

No matter the issue, our certified business problem solvers will analyze your pain point(s) and then help you to discover the root causes.

Afterwards, we will guide the implementation of  sustainable solutions to  mitigate or eliminate the pain point. 

Your business is a rockstar, running effectively and efficiently so much so that you are ready to take your business to the next level by setting yourselves apart from the competition?!

If so, becoming state or nationally certified or accredited may be the right strategy for your business.

We will handle the application process and site visit readiness process while you get back to working on your business.

Looking to get work done the right way the first time?...consider our S.O.P. Writing and/or Process Mapping services

what our clients are saying...

Caring Hearts, SC

I recently hired TLP to develop a policy for my new company and the staff were  professional, timely, and detailed in their approach.

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