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customer satisfaction

"Customers tell an average of nine people about a positive experience with a brand, but they tell 16 people about a negative experience"


—  Deloitte, 2018

Process Improvement

Quality/Process Improvement: Services

Process improvement involves identifying, analyzing, and improving existing processes to meet business goals and objectives. Thus, its focus is on understanding failures in a process versus flaws in people (staff). 

Every business has systems and processes, there is just no way around it or you would not be able to operate. Now whether or not they are efficient and effective is another question. Having a HR or Billing department established in your business are both considered systems. The steps in which HR takes to hire a new employee, terminate an existing employee, or issue annual raises are all known as processes. How the Billing department bills payors, such as Medicaid, is a process as well. 


To put it simply a process includes sequential steps that one must take in order to arrive at a desired output

Let us say that your business is not meeting its metrics such as: "average time it takes to hire", "percent of time Medicaid billing is processed by the 30th of each month", or even "percent of patient referrals processed within 7 business days" this is likely due to a breakdown in processes. For any number of reasons the existing process has become unstable and ineffective. We can help you to identify the root causes of the problem, then help you to develop the right solutions to mitigate or eliminate the problem.


Our favorite questions to ask will be "why" and "why not"...or even... "have you thought about"? 

The Leo Process does not pretend to know your business or its specific processes. You know your business, we know process improvement...let's work together to improve your processes, which in turn improves the quality of services provided at your business. 

When to hire us?

Figuring out when to bring in a consultant may not always be easy.  By using renowned problem solving methodologies we are confident in our ability to solve any business problem. Below are a few scenarios/problems for which our clients have hired us for so far.

Click on an image to learn how we can help. 

Customer Complaints

Customer Complaints

Low performance

Low performance

Too Much Time Spent on Work

Too Much Time Spent on Work

Variation Between Staff

Variation Between Staff

Processes Not Followed

Processes Not Followed

Objective Review Needed

Objective Review Needed

How it works? 

To put it simply, we will identify and analyze the gap between your current problematic state of business and bridge that gap to get you to an ideal future state. 


listen to understand pain point


learn how frequently it occurs


discover why it occurs


brainstorm + test solution ideas


simplify + streamline + standardize processes


educate + train staff


make sure improvements stick 

All projects are managed by a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, otherwise known as a certified business problem seriously! Project results can include boosted staff morale and increased customer satisfaction, as well as reduced operating costs due to an increase in operational efficiency. 

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