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What we offer?

Let us help you bring your operational goals and objectives to life!


Go from "Concept to Confident" in just 7 weeks with our proven business operations development program. This hands-on consultant-led program is designed to eliminate chaos within the day-to-day operations and help leadership delegate with confidence while empowering their team. 

Business Operations Development

Business operations are the day-to-day tasks your business engages in to increase its value and to turn a profit. For business operations to run smoothly and to be effective, processes must be streamlined, the right people must be in the right positions, technology should be optimized and customer feedback must be collected and acted upon, at minimum.

Formalizing business operations, processes, and procedures before you open your doors will ensure you, as the CEO, will be able to be fully immersed in making those CEO level decisions that grow your business instead of you being in the daily grind.

Confidently leave the daily grind knowing that you have provided your staff with single sources of truth (e.g., written processes and procedures) to operate your business with high quality making you one of the best in your field. 

Program Information


Participants can expect to work alongside our business consultants virtually for 10-12 hours a week. 

Wk 1 - Business Process Map + Brainstorm

Visualize what goes on in the business and who is responsible for what. Brainstorm what resources + tools are needed to effectively deliver services and/or products. 

Wk 6 - People Development

Create better first impressions by developing a robust onboarding + orientation plan. Define what success looks like for core team members.

Wk 2 + 3 - Technology Implementation

Implement technologies that meet your unique needs such as managing a remote team. Automate tasks and workflows to free up time and drive efficiency.

Wk 7 - Quality Improvement

 Quickly visualize what's working and what's not by creating a metrics dashboard allowing you to make data informed decisions that drive profitability.

Wk 4

+ 5 - Technical Documents

Delegate tasks with confidence and provide your team the resources they need to get work done the right way the first time. 

We are happy to customize the program, including the timeline, to fit your unique business needs and capacity. 

How it works?


what our clients are saying...

Happy Talks, GA

You think you have it all together until you talk to Tosha. This program is exhausting in a good way! It took my services and processes to the next level 

A Day After Day Home Care Agency, IN

With the process mapping the program starts off fun, but then you really made me think about how I want my business to flow

Randomize Now, GA

I can't express enough how much I appreciated your flexibility during the BOD program.  You were flexible in the deliverables allowing me to inform you of my specific business needs. My team feels a greater sense of confidence and autonomy having documented processes, procedures, and role expectations!

Patient Hands Transportation, IN

The Business Operations Development service was a saving grace for my business. I was just starting out and did not know how to bring my ideas to life. Tosha's problem-solving skills are impeccable. 

Not Your Average Joe, GA

As a new small business owner, I had the pleasure in working with Tosha in developing process[es] and procedure[s]. She was approachable, focused and creative in building workflows and automations.
Colleagues Working Together

Looking to get work done the right way the first time?...consider our SOP Writing and Process Mapping services

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