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Business Operations Development

Business operations are the day-to-day tasks your business engages in to increase its value and to turn a profit. For business operations to run smoothly and to be effective, processes must be streamlined, the right people must be in the right positions, technology should be optimized and customer feedback must be collected, at minimum.

Formalizing business operations, processes, and procedures before you open your doors will ensure you, as the CEO, will be able to be fully immersed in making those CEO level decisions that grow your business instead of you being in the daily grind.

Confidently leave the daily grind knowing that you have provided your staff with single sources of truth (e.g., written processes and procedures) to operate your business with high quality making you one of the best in your field. 

What we offer?

Go from "Concept to Confident" in just 7 weeks with our proven business operations development program. This hands-on program is designed to help leadership delegate with confidence, eliminate chaos, and free up time. 

How it works? 


Program Information


Participants can expect to work with our business consultants virtually for 8-10 hours week. 

Wk 1 - Business Process Map

Visualize what goes in the business and who is responsible for what.

Wk 5 - People Development

Develop a robust onboarding + orientation plan. Define what success looks like for core team members.

Wk 2 - Brainstorm + Idea Generation

Determine what's needed to effectively deliver services or products.