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Problem Solver (Intensive) Service Agreement           and Terms

An Intensive starts off with a 4 1/2 day event designed to help organizations move past "analysis paralysis" so that they can identify root causes of what is driving an issue/problem and start to test out solution ideas. On day 5 the project team presents root causes, ideas that were tested and their results, and an implementation plan to their leadership team. Starting the following Monday The Leo Process leads the team through implementation and a sustainability plan to ensure the changes stick. 

How it works:
1) Book + participate in a Discovery Call to determine mutual fit 
2) Read + Sign Service Agreement
2) Pay Online
3) Schedule + participate in a virtual Business Case Assessment  
4) Schedule + participate in a virtual Pre-planning/Orientation Session
5) Assign staff to participate in the 4 1/2 day event  
6) Agree on + sign Project Charter
7) Participate in the Project Report out on Day 5
8) Sign Project Charter (to agree on implementation plan and sustainability plan)
9) Meet with The Leo Process weekly over four weeks to learn of progress
10) Sign-off on completed work 

• Have a single source of truth pertaining to how the business should operate
• Identify improvement opportunities
• Drives consistency
• Provides a visual instead of a bullet point list
• Serve as an orientation tool 

          Price is $300 for all established businesses with the exception of Home Care businesses, the price is $230.  

After the submission of this form the prospective client will be taken to another link to submit payment. Payment is final and no refunds will be authorized. 

After receiving notification indicating the process map is finalized and ready for review the client has 10-business days to respond with necessary changes AND to schedule the finalization meeting. Aside from circumstances beyond their control clients who fail to meet with The Leo Process within this timeline may be requested to pay an additional fee to finalize the process map. The Leo Process only offers Process Mapping Sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  

Meeting Expectations
Session/meeting attendees are expected to be prepared to answer questions about all of the steps/operations that the business comprises. For some clients this may mean that multiple staff members are invited to the session. During the sessions it is expected that the client limit any distractions to ensure efficiency and optimal productivity.  

Missed Appointment
If the client is unable to make their scheduled onboarding + mapping session or the finalization meeting s/he should contact The Leo Process as soon as possible, via phone or email, to reschedule. Both sessions can be rescheduled ONCE. Failure to attend the rescheduled session will result in the contract being voided. No refunds will be offered.

If the client fails to attend the finalization meeting, the unfinalized process map will be sent to the client via email and the contract will be voided. No refunds will be provided for any unfinished/unfinalized work resulting from the Client (or its designee) not attending a finalization meeting. 

Method of Communication
Primarily, The Leo Process will communicate with the client via email unless otherwise agreed. 
Writing sessions will be done virtually via Zoom, unless otherwise agreed. 
Clients will be able to track the progress of the project via ClickUp, unless otherwise agreed. 

Receiving the Process Map Draft
After the onboarding + mapping session The Leo Process will take the information gleaned from the meeting and finalize it using Lucidchart, an online diagramming platform. It is during this time that The Leo Process will add the client's logo and desired colors to the process map. Within 48-hours the process map will be uploaded to ClickUp, a project management system. It is the client's responsibility to read the draft and offer feedback via ClickUp. 

Finalization Meeting 
After sending feedback pertaining to the draft, the client shall schedule a finalization meeting within 10 business days via Calendly, an online scheduling system. During the finalization meeting the client is expected to either accept the process map as written or inform The Leo Process of any necessary and final changes. Once the final changes are made, the client is expected to "sign-off" on the project. After the finalization meeting has concluded no additional changes to the process map will be made. In the event the Client has circumstances preventing him/her (or a designee) to attend a finalization meeting within 10 business days of being notified that the process map draft is uploaded, s/he should contact The Leo Process as soon as possible. Based on the circumstance The Leo Process may allow the client to schedule the finalization meeting further out than 10 business days. Failure to schedule a finalization within 10 business without contacting The Leo Process for a possible extension will result in this contract being voided and the unfinalized process map being sent to the Client. 

Still have questions?! us or try booking a free 20-minute discovery call first. 

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