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DIY SOP Toolkit (w/ 50- minute instructional video)

DIY SOP Toolkit (w/ 50- minute instructional video)

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What do Chick-fil-a, Delta Airlines, and the Ritz-Carlton all have in common?!  All have been labeled as one of the best in their industry in terms of providing high quality services. One way to achieve such distinction is by writing down your business processes and procedures to ensure you and your staff know how to perform the task and perform it with consistency. Think Chick-fil-a consistency! No matter which Chick-fil-a you go to the staff always ask "may I have a name for your order" and, after receiving your order if you say "thank you" they inevitably reply with a "my pleasure." Talk about high quality of service and consistency. If you are ready to position your business as one of the best in it's industry (or field) then this toolkit is for you. 


This Do-It-Yourself Standard Operating Procedure Toolkit includes:


  1. 1-hr on-demand presentation onHow to Become the Chick-fil-a of Your Industry
  2. 8-page guide on how to write SOPs (includes definitions and examples of a process and a procedure)
  3. SOP Template 
  4. An example SOP
  5. Annual SOP Checklist


This toolkit is for you if you are:

  • in need of extra guidance on how to write effective SOPs (package includes a webinar AND a guide
  • tired of looking for the instructions you wrote down on a sticky note and placed it...well, somewhere
  • constantly have staff asking you "now how do I do that again?"
  • ready to have more of a professional look as you prepare for a local, state, or national accreditation or certification...yup, most governing entities want to see your written procedures, especially for ISO 9000 certification
  • receiving complaints from customers that your services are inconsistent between staff and/or across multiple locations (think Chick-fil-a)


After completing your first SOP your business will:

  • operate more efficiently with consistency and provide a higher quality of service
  • be ready to grow into its next phase such as adding on another program or service
  • positioned for accreditations or certifications (if applicable)
  • have empowered and confident staff that know how to perform their job and how to do so correctly 
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