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SOP Writing Service Agreement and Terms

***If your business or program does not currently have an updated process map you will need to book the Business Process Mapping service and schedule it BEFORE booking a SOP Writing Session***                                 

After the submission of this form the prospective client will be taken to another link to submit payment. Payment is final and no refunds will be authorized. 

The Leo Process, LLC. will deliver, to the client, FIVE (5) Standard Operating Procedure manuals via e-mail or by uploading to ClickUp, an online project management system. 

After the onboarding + brainstorming session (booked after submitting this form) the client has three weeks to schedule enough sessions needed to complete all five (5) of SOPs. Aside from circumstances beyond their control clients who fail to meet with The Leo Process, LLC. to provide enough details needed to complete all five (5) SOPS within a three-week period may be requested to pay an additional fee.

The Leo Process, LLC. offers SOP Writing Sessions Monday through Thursday.   

Meeting Expectations
The number of writing sessions needed will vary per client. For instance, who the client identifies to attend a scheduled writing session, how prepared they are for the session, and the number of distractions occurred during the writing session all determine how productive a session will be. Session/meeting attendees are expected to be prepared to answer questions about the procedure to be captured. During the sessions it is expected that the client limit any distractions to ensure efficiency and optimal productivity. After each writing session the client is expected to schedule their next writing session via Calendly, an online scheduling system.  

Missed Appointment
The client is expected to inform The Leo Process, LLC. via phone or email if the client (or its designee) is unable to make their scheduled appointment. In the event the client misses two (2) scheduled appointments in a row WITHOUT informing The Leo Process that they are unable to make the scheduled appointment the service agreement will be voided and all finished and partially finished work will be sent to the client via email. Under this circumstance, no refunds will be provided for any unfinished work. 

Method of Communication
Primarily, The Leo Process, LLC. will communicate with the client via email unless otherwise agreed. 
Writing sessions will be done virtually via Zoom, unless otherwise agreed. 

Clients will be able to track the progress of the project via ClickUp, unless otherwise agreed. 

Receiving a SOP Draft
After an appointment is held to capture the overall steps of a procedure The Leo Process, LLC. will take that information and flush it out into an easy-to-read yet visual manual. Within 48-hours the manual/SOP will be uploaded to ClickUp. It is the client's responsibility to read the draft and offer feedback via ClickUp, or if comprehensive feedback is needed it shall be providing during the next scheduled meeting.  

Finalization Meeting 
After all five (5) SOPs are complete the client will be instructed to schedule a finalization meeting. This meeting must be scheduled within 10 business days of  being informed that all five (5) drafts are in their final stage. A "final" stage means that the client or their designee has provided initial feedback and The Leo Process, LLC. has updated the draft to reflect such. During the finalization meeting the client is expected to either accept the SOPs as written or inform The Leo Process, LLC. of any necessary and final changes. Any requested changes will be made during the finalization meeting. Once the final changes are made the client is expected to "sign-off" on the project.

Requesting Revisions
All requested revisions after the Finalization Meeting will be invoiced at The Leo Process, LLC.'s current hourly rate. 

Still have questions?! us or try booking a free 20-minute discovery call first. 

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