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Technology Implementation

Technology Implementation (or Optimization)

Technology is the future...and the future is now!

Are you and your staff spending valuable time performing manual tasks such as completing paper forms, or even sending the same emails over and over again? Are your staff constantly forgetting to do the next step in the process? Policies, procedures, and other documents are all over the place, not to mention you all cannot access them while working in the field? Perhaps you want to track to-do items or even track incidents that occur (e.g., patient/client complaints). 

The right technology (e.g., software, apps) is what your business needs to carry out your business systems, processes, procedures, and workflows. 

What we offer?


In just ONE-day we will implement MS Teams or ClickUp along  to help you and your team stay organized, save time, and communicate more effectively and efficiently. 

Already have one of these systems implemented but need help organizing and optimizing it? We can handle that for you!

What's included?


1. Implementation (or optimization) of MS Teams or ClickUp to build the following:
          a. work-in-progress system - to provide a visual representation of your customers/patients journey,

               making it easier for your teams to manage work, assign resources, and identify bottlenecks
           b. document storage system - to easily and efficiently access important files like SOPs, policies, and templates
           c. task management system - to assign and monitor the progression of tasks, without emailing back-n-
           d. incident management system - to track and monitor adverse events
     e. homepage/dashboard - to quickly access everything within your business (ClickUp and MS Teams only)
2. TWO Automated Workflows 
3. TWO Automated Repetitive Tasks (e.g., remind staff to submit timesheets)
4. Standard Operating Procedure documenting how to maintain implementations including 

     automations (delivered w/n 3 days of the Tech VIP Day)
5. FIVE days of email support following the Tech VIP Day 
6. ONE 1-hour live software/app training for 
specified team members (delivered w/n 7 days of Tech

     VIP Day)
7. ONE 1-hour check-in call w/n 30 days immediately following the Tech 

How it works? 


harness the power of technology within your business

ClickUp - a project and team management app    

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